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In early 90's, 4 friend decide to formed a band called HeadCleaner. Heavily influenced by Greenday, Sea Sick Pirate and alike at that time, HeadCleaner was one among very small number of bands played punk rock along Toxin 99% etc in Ipoh. The band contributed 2 songs in Bodysurfmusic earliest Kopi Sechewen 1 Compilation featuring many talented band in Ipoh. The band played a few gigs around Ipoh before releasing their first demo tape "Do Problem". The band split-up just before releasing their 1st EP "Life's Less Solution" in 1994/95 after their singer/songwriter, Art decided to quit the band because of his personal problem.

The lead guitarist of the band, Pyan who still did not ready to follow that path decide to try his crappy style of songwriting which is much softer-side of Headcleaner. With a female vocal joining the three of them (which they forgotten her name), Pyan decide to called the band Dream Project before changing it to Shizuka and The Bad Dreams. Somehow the "forgotten female vocal" went MIA just before they records their first 2 track included in Fresh and Crisp Compilation produced by their own indie label Hatequarters [now known as ihateshizukamusic] forcing Pyan to take her place as a vocalist. Shizuka then joined by Elly in 1997 to take empty spaces left by Nua who didn't feel playing the bass was giving him fun anymore. He then appointed himself as a rhythm guitar and later as a keyboard player for the band.

Since they were no longer with a female vocalist they decided to drop the The Bad Dreams leaving only Shizuka which easier to to pronounce, said Wan the drummer. Shizuka then records another 2 tracks for the Kopi Sechewen II produced and distribute by Bodysurfmusic. The track Redline95 become their stepping stone for Shizuka to be known among friends throughout Malaysia.
In 2002 they released their 1st EP "Records of a Lifetime" consisting 7 songs + 1 Rerecorded version of "The Car" previously released in Kopi Sechewen II Compilation. The EP were sold out and will be reissue in near future said Pyan when asked about the EP availability. Shizuka played a couple more shows before went into near hibernation mode by only releasing to the internet one Pyan accoustic solo track in late 2002 ; Goodbye [enough is enough]. Later in 2004, Ijan joined the band taking Elly position [Elly are now in a band called The Hans].

so aku ase ehheh ske ar dapat tau..hihihi tau ape pon aku tatau pe


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ambe said...[Reply to comment]

pe citer ni..?? ak nk bc pom cam xnk bc je..whekhekhe

parkbhuthe said...[Reply to comment]

hahaha ampeh cite pasal band shizuka aka headcleaner..aku saje je post menda ni,untuk org yg tatau sal band2 hihihi

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