Saturday, January 16, 2010

ikot saya!

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nEw sEm dengan nEw sPiriT

walopon dah nak masuk minggu ke3 aku kat sem baru ni,aku totap nak cakap yg aku benci blajar!!wakkakakak aku ni mmg tak dilahirkan untuk blaja lah aku rase..
this sem,sem 4..subjek cam pe tah..ok je kot,ntah tapi aku dah mule start ase kemalasan yg agak kelampauan tahap maksima dah ni hahah

ader 3subjek besa n ader lak sub-subjek dlm ye

1st endokrina
merepek melalut pasal
-pituitari gland

2nd ccentral nervous system
semalam baru start blaja--kot
tapi sem satu duluk lagi hatik..blaja nak gile pasal otak,spina n neurone!!
-brain death
-bla bla bla dan bla lagi hahahha

3rd mammary gland---hehheh tajuk beh
-susu wakkaka
-palpate breast
-abnormaliti breast

4th onkologi nursing
yg ni pasal abnormaliti cells dlm badan lead to cancer
will be taught soon

hah yg tu baru satu subjek---4kredit

next will be

obstetrik n paediatrik
ginekologi sem 5 baru blaja
-lochia-tumpah darah
-EDD-expected deliver date kot hahah maknanye bile date derang nak labor ah
-the `show`
-cervic opening
-palpate abdo
-n bla bla n bla lagi

-subjek yg aku tgu2 tapi will be taught soon

orthopedic nursing
-spinal injuri
-congenital deformities
-so bla bla n bla lagi
aku leh lah nurse patient rempit hahaha

so hope this sem keje kuat walopon aku ni mmg jenis yg pemalas kekekek

Saturday, January 2, 2010


THE A.C.A.B. was originally formed as a Street Rock band, A.C.A.B. ('94-'03) back in 1994. The founding members were Max Hafiz (Megat Hafiz) & Edy J Herwan, both KL City based lads played in the same previous band before. Hardy Sham, Black & Anas later joined and A.C.A.B. started gigging across almost each & every states in Malaysia right after releasing a self-titled demo in '95. A.C.A.B. then recorded an EP, followed by 3 albums with 2 Live albums and also few singles, another EP, compilations & tribute albums with several line up changes occurred during the whole process. Zul, Botak & Irfan were among others who also played with A.C.A.B. on various recordings & gigs/concerts. A.C.A.B. latter enjoyed the recognitions of being the Godfather of Eastern Oi!/Street Rock & inspired the birth of Ska music in Malaysia.

A.C.A.B. played the very last gig in '03 & while Max (also formerly known as Magskin) had to leave the country, other former band members were & still are enjoying quite successful musical careers with their own bands respectively such as Edy J with Gerhana Ska Cinta & Irfan with The Times. A.C.A.B. released the very last album in '04 which was recorded in '03 & a 'Tribute to A.C.A.B.' album was then recorded by various bands in '04 & it marked the end of an era of the 'Absolute Chaotic Asian Band' and it sparked a revival of the Eastern Oi!/Street Rock movement from the new generation.

After being an absentee for 2 years, Max has decided to have another go at it. Accompanied by former band members, Edy J & Irfan with the newly appointed Mono, THE A.C.A.B. is born. It's 'THE' A.C.A.B., or pronounced as D' A.C.A.B. (English anyone?). But this time it's a different agenda altogether. Blistering new sounds of Indie Rock with no limitations or boundaries whatsoever. The whole idea of it is simply for the freedom of expressions & to offer an alternative to the Malaysian music industry specifically & to introduce THE A.C.A.B.'s mixture of Asian & western melodies on independent rock music to the rest of the world, generally.

Friday, January 1, 2010

result dah kuaq!!

heheh nasib baik,alhamdullilah aku pas exam...aku syukur sgt kolej tak panggil aku p buat repeat paper ekkeke
geng aku setakat ni dua org dpt dekan!!whoaaa congrates chicks!!
aku nye result aku tak review pom..malas arh..janji pas pon dah cukup...tak dekan pon aku tak kesah..kalo dekan bkn aku leh jadi dokter pon hahahahha
juz nak menten pointer 3 je...
stadi musti enjoy...stadi tak penting sbnrnye wakakkakakak

next sem,sem 4..ape mau blajar???
obstetrik,pediatrik,ENT n tah pape tah ag....

stadi tayah kuat sgt..
smart je hehhehe


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