Sunday, June 21, 2009

ooo Ayah ooo Daddy ooo Abah ooo Baba ooo Abi ooo Dad ooo Papa ooo Appa

The approach of Father’s Day each year brings to mind many thoughts. What is a father and what does he do? Why are so many fathers absent from the home in this day and age? And – what difference does it make?
Webster’s Dictionary defines a father as 1) a man who has begotten a child, 2) one related in another way suggesting that of father to child, 3) one that originates or institutes and 4) one of the leading men.
While the definition of a true father encompasses all of these things, it should NOT be limited to simply being the male parent in a child’s life. A TRUE father is a dad, friend, disciplinarian, provider, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, dance partner, coach, cheerleader, teacher, audience, advisor, and most importantly – PRESENT!
In today’s world, when there are an unprecedented number of negative influences with access to and forcing themselves upon our children, it is more important than ever for fathers to be present in the home and with their children.
It has been proven, statistically, time and time again that boys who grow up without a father in the home get into more trouble, have a harder time academically, and have more difficulty maintaining healthy romantic relationships as they become adults.
The girls need their daddies too. The father is the first man in a girl’s life to show them how men should treat women. Girls without fathers tend to look for love in all the wrong places, often becoming mothers at an earlier age or getting into abusive relationships.
It is true that many of these things can happen whether a father is present or not. It is also true that many, many children from single-parent homes have gone on to enjoy healthy, loving relationships and great success in life.
Father’s Day is a time to remember, recognize and appreciate the fathers that have made it their business to be present. Those who work all day, then go out to coach the kids’ little league sports teams, those who pick up the kids, then go home and cook dinner and do homework and baths and bedtime while mom works late. The fathers who work 2 and 3 jobs without complaint to keep a roof over their family’s head and food on the table. The fathers who pass out hugs and kisses regularly and even put on the silly hats to take part in tea parties with their young daughters.
And as they grow older, the fathers who help with college and career choices, then drive the kids off to college and move them back home once they graduate. Then they walk their daughters down the aisle and are there for every call for advice on married life. These are the fathers that welcome the grandchildren with open arms and eagerly and enthusiastically pass on their wisdom and life lessons in the stories that they tell.
True fathers should be cherished, appreciated, recognized and celebrated. This Father’s Day, give your father something more than a tie. Do something thoughtful and creative that really shows how grateful you are for all that he has done for you. Remember a truly good father is worth more than gold!
Happy Father’s Day!!! Adik sayang Ayah---walaupun aku ader adik kuang1000x

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