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THE A.C.A.B. was originally formed as a Street Rock band, A.C.A.B. ('94-'03) back in 1994. The founding members were Max Hafiz (Megat Hafiz) & Edy J Herwan, both KL City based lads played in the same previous band before. Hardy Sham, Black & Anas later joined and A.C.A.B. started gigging across almost each & every states in Malaysia right after releasing a self-titled demo in '95. A.C.A.B. then recorded an EP, followed by 3 albums with 2 Live albums and also few singles, another EP, compilations & tribute albums with several line up changes occurred during the whole process. Zul, Botak & Irfan were among others who also played with A.C.A.B. on various recordings & gigs/concerts. A.C.A.B. latter enjoyed the recognitions of being the Godfather of Eastern Oi!/Street Rock & inspired the birth of Ska music in Malaysia.

A.C.A.B. played the very last gig in '03 & while Max (also formerly known as Magskin) had to leave the country, other former band members were & still are enjoying quite successful musical careers with their own bands respectively such as Edy J with Gerhana Ska Cinta & Irfan with The Times. A.C.A.B. released the very last album in '04 which was recorded in '03 & a 'Tribute to A.C.A.B.' album was then recorded by various bands in '04 & it marked the end of an era of the 'Absolute Chaotic Asian Band' and it sparked a revival of the Eastern Oi!/Street Rock movement from the new generation.

After being an absentee for 2 years, Max has decided to have another go at it. Accompanied by former band members, Edy J & Irfan with the newly appointed Mono, THE A.C.A.B. is born. It's 'THE' A.C.A.B., or pronounced as D' A.C.A.B. (English anyone?). But this time it's a different agenda altogether. Blistering new sounds of Indie Rock with no limitations or boundaries whatsoever. The whole idea of it is simply for the freedom of expressions & to offer an alternative to the Malaysian music industry specifically & to introduce THE A.C.A.B.'s mixture of Asian & western melodies on independent rock music to the rest of the world, generally.

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